How Are Medicare Advantage Plans Able to Provide More Benefits Than Original Medicare?

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Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, is a great alternative for enrollees in Part A, Part B and some types of Part D plans that allow participants to configure the health insurance plan that best suits their specific requirements and that provide access to high-quality assistance and treatment through the private providers in the network. Here are some of the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans that make the switch from the federally administered Original Medicare worthwhile.

Level of Coverage and Types of Services

Medicare Advantage plans must offer at least the same level of coverage as Original Medicare, but Advantage plans usually go beyond the range of services available through Original Medicare, typically adding important services, such as dental care, vision care, hearing aids, memberships at fitness centers in the network and coverage for prescription drugs.

Your Medicare Advantage Plan Might Cost You Less

The costs related to Medicare Advantage plans are determined by many aspects and they can run quite high, but in some cases, they might cost less than Original plans or they can even be reduced to zero. Medicare Advantage plans also come with limits for the maximum out-of-pocket expense that the beneficiary is allowed to pay, which means that once the beneficiary has spent the entire sum allowed, they will not pay more during the year in course (Original Medicare does not have such limitations, which means that the cost burden to be supported by the beneficiary can be limitless).

A One-Stop Solution

Medicare Advantage plans can be configured to include all the services that the beneficiary needs, including the basic level of care as well as the added benefits. This means that the beneficiary can enjoy the special convenience of having to deal with only one plan administrator.

Local Provider Networks and Requirements Regarding Service Areas

Medicare Advantage plans usually work with local networks of healthcare providers, being an excellent choice for anyone who is happy working with the best local Denver specialists. However, the feature might make people who travel a lot reconsider, as turning to healthcare providers outside the network of the specific policy or abroad might not be covered under Medicare. You should also know that one of the eligibility conditions that Medicare Advantage candidates must fulfill is at least 6 months of continuous residence in the service area – a condition that is easy to meet for some people, impossible for others.

Professional Help Available

Medicare Advantage plans are incredibly varied, which means that you can surely find the best configuration for your particular situation and also that putting together that configuration is not easy. If you feel overwhelmed by the variety of the available plan types, do not despair – there are many independent Medicare Consultants Denver has, such as insurance agents and brokers, who specialize in Medicare Advantage plans. These professionals can provide recommendations as well as practical assistance in choosing the components that should be included into the client’s plan to provide the best, most comprehensive type of coverage that suits the client’s health condition as well as their financial means.

Type of Patients Who Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy has been successfully used to treat menopausal symptoms for years. Then, controversies concerning its link to breast and ovarian cancer made doctors stop prescribing HRT to patients. But that did not last very long, because further studies indicated that hormone replacement therapy is safe under strict medical monitoring.

And, as researchers discovered more benefits for other patient groups, HRT is now used to treat more health issues than simply the negative effects of the onset of menopause.

How Do Doctors Administer Hormone Replacement Therapy?

HRT Highlands Ranch specialists confirm that there are many ways of receiving HRT, depending on the symptoms, type of treatment and duration. Hormone replacement therapy drugs come in many forms, from pills to injections and even dermal patches.

The purpose of these treatments is to restore the normal level of female and male hormones. These are:

  • Estrogen and progesterone in women
  • Testosterone in men.

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Is HRT Recommended for Other Patients Except for Women?

The answer is yes, and this is exactly what we will discuss in this article. Hormone therapy is beneficial to other patient groups and helps them live a normal live. They can relieve the symptoms that decrease their quality of life and affect them both physically and at a psychological level.

Here is a breakdown of what kind of people might need HRT:

  1. Perimenopausal and Menopausal Women

Perimenopause is the period while the female body prepares for the onset of menopause. While for some women this is a smooth and natural transition, many experience negative symptoms, such as mood swings and vasomotor symptoms.

The vasomotor symptoms are hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness, and they can vary in intensity from mild to severe. All these problems can be successfully treated with hormone replacement therapy after a complete evaluation and following a personalized course of treatment.

Doctors note that this type of treatment is even more successful if it begins at the very onset of perimenopause and continues for around 3-4 years, until the transition to post-menopause is completed.

  1. Older Men

Hormone replacement therapy with testosterone can help men over 70 improve their quality of life in several ways. HRT prevents muscle loss – a frequent issue for males at this age.

At the same time, physicians noted good results in using hormone replacement therapy for other health issue related to aging, such as:

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Osteoporosis
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Increasing body fat.

In younger men, HRT is generally used to treat hypogonadism, a condition that causes the body to produce low levels of testosterones. Hypogonadism can cause reduced fertility and feminization (lack or facial hair, breast enlargement, etc.)

  1. People Undergoing Gender Reassigning Treatment

Gender dysphoria is a condition in which the person has a different gender identity from their physical sex organs. In most cases, patients opt for gender reassignment surgery complemented by hormone replacement therapy.

In this case, HRT is used to give the person features corresponding to their chosen gender, such as the disappearance of facial hair for transgender women.

How Is Sleep Apnea Treated and Managed Most Efficiently?

Sleep apnea, along with the risks it involves, can be hard to treat completely and make it go away. However, there are methods to treat and manage the disorder, and oftentimes the side effects and risks that come with sleep apnea will disappear with proper treatment and with the management of problems that would naturally increase the risk of the various complications the disorder involves, such as possible stroke or the development of diabetes.

Treatment methods for sleep apnea can vary greatly, from the use of a CPAP machine to surgery. Below we will take a look at some of the most efficient methods that sleep specialist professionals and patients alike have agreed might offer ideal results in the case of most people suffering from sleep apnea.

The Use and Benefits of A CPAP Machine

A CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) machine can be ideal in managing some forms of sleep apnea. While studies often present conflicting evidence as to the machine’s effectiveness in reducing the risk of cardiovascular events, CPAP machines are known to alleviate the symptoms and problems caused by sleep apnea to a great extent.

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These machines involve the use of continuous air pressure to keep the airways open and help with the breathing process. People suffering from sleep apnea often say that the use of this device has helped them considerably, and that they were actually able to get a good night’s sleep with its help.

Depending on the type of sleep apnea you have, the use of a CPAP machine might be more or less effective. However, some patients have also complained that using more affordable CPAP machines has led them to experience feelings of being trapped and constricted, as well as sore lips and gums, or various forms of skin irritation, after using them.

Yoga, Weight Loss and Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes involving taking up healthy habits such as regular exercise and dieting, as well as yoga and various other forms of oriental practices involving a combination of harmonious physical movement and breathing techniques has also been known to help with sleep apnea in some cases. Although the holistic approach might not always be able to target sleep apnea directly, losing weight as a result of healthy practices has been found to reduce airway obstruction, prevent the onset of sleep apnea episodes during the night, and greatly diminish the risk of having a stroke or a heart attack during sleep.

Surgical Procedures

Finally, it’s also possible to use various forms of surgery and methods such as neurostimulation of the diaphragm and nasal EPAP to help manage the problems caused by sleep apnea both in the short and long term.

Sleep surgery is typically used in the case of people who can’t be helped using any of the previously mentioned techniques and methods. In order for the surgery to be a success, it is very important that the proper diagnosis be made regarding all the anatomical areas of obstruction, and that the surgical procedure be specifically adapted to each individual patient in part.

Where and How Can You Buy CBD Products Safely?

The temptation is high. In many of the states where recreational and medical CBD is allowed by the law, the industry itself might be booming, but it’s not yet regulated. Even though there are a lot of online sellers boasting that their products are the best and safest out there, you’ll find that this isn’t entirely true. In fact, experts have tested some of these so-called CBD products and found the trace amounts of CBD are less than specified in certain brands, while others are even unsafe to use due to the present of harmful substances.

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The Importance of Buying from the Right Brands

Now, don’t be scared. There are lots of great sources out there, like the best dispensary near me,  where you can buy high quality, high concentration CBD oil and other products that are entirely safe. However, for that you’ll have to do some research and have a little patience before you find the best distributors. Failing to do so can cost you dearly.

The most important reasons for finding the right brands include the following:

  1. You have to be sure that it’s a safe source. Some sellers are just out to get a quick buck, and they won’t care if their buyers get hurt in the process. So they may be willing to sell unsafe CBD products just to lower the cost of preparing them.
  2. While other sellers and manufacturers have a stronger moral code, they might sell products that are virtually useless in terms of the concentration of CBD they contain. This is especially problematic if you need CBD oil for treating a certain ailment that might require a specific dosage.
  3. It can be risky to use a formula that hasn’t been tested. Even with the best intentions coming from the manufacturer and distributor, their customers can still be at risk from new CBD formulas that haven’t been tested in a lab and might entail unknown side effects.

Look for Trustworthy Companies That Provide a COA

The good news is that regulated lab tests exist that can help determine a certain product’s CBD content as well as the presence of other ingredients and their dosages. The sellers who test their CBD products will receive a COA (Certificate of Analysis), which can basically tell you that the product was tested by an independent third party, and that it has passed the test. The result is that you can buy it with peace of mind that you’re getting the quality that you wanted.

A COA is accompanied by a pdf file that provides you with the result of the analysis and the full disclosure of the contents of your newly purchased CBD product. Using the unique batch number that is provided with the COA (since each product is tested in batches), and comparing the results of the tests performed on that particular batch with the claims of the seller, you can determine whether the dosage and refinement of the product is actually the one that’s advertised. You will then know whether or not the brand is safe and that you can purchase it without any real issue.

A Simple Explanation Of What A Chiropractor Does

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More and more frequently, chiropractic care is proposed as an alternative to various treatments for conditions like disc hernia, spondylosis etc. It is a non-invasive and painless method that many people heard about but few have actually documented about it.


What is chiropractic therapy and in which cases is it recommended?

Chiropractic comes as a non-surgical method of treating nervous system or musculoskeletal disorders. Attention often falls on proper handling of the spine, but also of the structures around it, using both hands and dedicated instruments.

Because the role of the spine in the body is vital, it is very important to be preoccupied about keeping it in good shape. When spinal nerves are irritated, the physiological state becomes abnormal, and this translates into disturbed functions of the nervous system. The most common manifestations are symptoms of numbness, pain, but also reduced muscle power.


Who is practicing this therapy?

The vertebral column can be injured in different areas, from thoracic and lumbar to sacral, cervical or coccidian. The best chiropractor Denver CO professional will know exactly what strategies to apply in every situation, depending on the severity of the situation.

They also know that back pain can have multiple causes: adopting an inappropriate posture for longer periods of time, obesity, sedentary work, office work without breaks, pregnancy, car accidents – they all can be responsible for the degeneration of intervertebral discs. Chiropractic can provide relief of symptoms and it may also treat some of the causes. By proper manipulation, pressure on the spinal nerves can be released. It is usually about the mechanical impulse method, which involves the movement and mobilization of the vertebrae in question.

Unfortunately, not all chiropractic practitioners have the required qualifications and certifications, so you need to choose your therapist carefully, only after you know exactly in which hands you put your health into.


Career requirements

A chiropractor needs a degree in the field of chiropractic, because a license is required in very state, in order to practice this therapy legally and professionally. These specialists must have clinical experience and sometimes a residency is also required.

Their education must start with going to a chiropractic college and acquire pre-medical undergraduate college education; it includes courses in biology, chemistry, psychology, physics, as well as specific lab work. The length of the professional study is 4 or 5 years – a long period, precisely because chiropractic uses intricate adjusting techniques, therefore clinical training is essential in learning how to evaluate and care for patients properly. Chiropractic education is approved by the Council on Chiropractic Education, which is an accrediting agency, recognized by the Department of Education.

Chiropractic is not a mumbo-jumbo practiced by individuals who had an epiphany that they can make a little massage and put people`s spine discs into their place, so you should always check the therapist`s certifications before starting such a treatment.

A chiropractor`s certification and licensure is managed by the NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners), and also by every state; as such, requirements may vary, depending on your location.

Why Get Tested for Low Testosterone? – the Symptoms of a Hormonal Imbalance and Health Consideration

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Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the health and the proper functioning of numerous organs in the body, including the reproductive organs and for the development of numerous primary and secondary sexual characteristics – if you suspect that your health issues can be caused by the low level of testosterone in your body, but you would like to find out more about the symptoms before you contact a specialist  in low T Denver, here are a few details to tell you why get tested for low testosterone.

The Role of Testosterone in the Male Body

Testosterone is secreted by the testicles and it plays an essential role in the development of the male sexual organs. It is also the hormone that is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as strong body hair, increased muscle mass, bone density and muscle strength. In adulthood, testosterone is responsible for normal sperm count and sperm development and the healthy functioning of the prostate.

Symptoms that Indicate Testosterone Deficiency

While fluctuations in testosterone levels throughout life are considered to be normal (according to medical statistics, the level of testosterone in the male body decreases by 1% each year after the age of 40), there are numerous symptoms that, if they persist, can indicate underactive testicles and testosterone levels that are too low:

  • Erectile problems,
  • Decreased libido,
  • Loss of facial hair, of body hair,
  • Loss of body height,
  • Low sperm count or reduced sperm motility that can lead to the inability to conceive a child,
  • Fatigue and weakness,
  • Sudden, often unjustified mood changes that are not related to stressful situations or to the events that take place during the day,
  • Unjustified weight changes – weight gain or weight loss that are not related to changes in lifestyle and diet,
  • Male gynecomastia – the abnormal increase in the size of the breast tissue.

Low testosterone levels are also linked to the risk of developing heart diseases and they are known to influence male longevity as well – men with consistently low levels of testosterone have a shorter life expectancy than men with normal levels of the hormone.

Testing and Treatment Options for Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels are measured from the blood. If the results show a testosterone deficiency, the doctor will determine the best course of testosterone supplementation treatment. The most efficient options are the ones that deliver the active ingredient directly into the blood stream, such as the administration of testosterone in the form of external gels or creams, treatment with injections, skin patches or mouth patches that deliver testosterone. Oral testosterone, administered in the form of capsules or tablets is also available, but when ingested, the hormone supplement passes through the digestive tract, where it becomes partially decomposed – a process that decreases the efficiency of the treatment and burdens the liver.

Healthy testosterone levels are directly connected to the health of many organs in the male body, so the best answer to why get tested for low testosterone is this: because testing can help your doctor identify the cause to your problems and restoring the hormonal balance in your body is the way to restore your overall health and well-being