Information about Keeping Your Skin Hydrated

Proper hydration is essential for the proper functioning of all bodily organs as well as for a healthy, beautiful and youthful complexion. The level of skin hydration depends on lots of factors, from skin type and lifestyle to the typical environment one spends the longest time in, age and the cosmetics used on the face, but whatever your age and circumstances, there are lots of skincare and lifestyle measures that you can implement to ensure that your skin stays hydrated – here are some.

Hydrate from the Inside

The best and healthiest way to give your skin the amount of moisture it needs is to ensure the proper hydration of your entire body, by consuming sufficient healthy liquids. Whether you eat soups or prefer to drink herbal teas, water and freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables, the results will be instantly visible on your skin – it will regain its elasticity, some of the already existing wrinkles will diminish, others will disappear and your entire complexion will become fresher and healthier.

Avoid Whatever Can Dry Your Skin

Your environment and your lifestyle choices also influence the moisture contents of your skin. Spending prolonged periods in air-conditioned rooms, sleep that is insufficient in terms of quality or quantity, consuming coffee and alcohol and smoking are all known to be hard on the skin, depleting its nutrient contents, depriving it from its natural elasticity and ultimately drying it.

Use the Right Cosmetic Products

Give your skin the boost of moisture that it needs with the right nourishing and moisturizing skincare system. The first step in choosing the right products is identifying your skin type – dry complexion needs a different skin care approach than normal, oily or combination skin. You can find lots of online information about how to find out your skin type, but if you want to be sure, you can talk to your dermatologist or your beautician and ask them to test your skin.

squalane oil

Once you have identified your skin type, your task is easy: check out the products available in your nearby drugstore or order your skincare system online and use the products every day. The system should include a gentle cleanser as well as moisturizer creams for the day and for the night. For extra dry skin, consider using moisturizing squalane oil. If you need some skin refreshment to use while you are on the go, pick a facial spray – these great, modern inventions are used for pulverizing a light moisturizing liquid on the face whenever you feel like it.

Make Your Home Skin-Friendly

Air conditioning and heating dry the air and while heaters and AC units are indispensable appliances in homes, offices and public buildings, spending too long in such dry environments dries the skin, too. To combat the harmful effects of dry air, install a humidifier in your home – these modern pieces of home electronics either pulverize water into the air or they heat water until it is transformed into vapor and they release the vapor into the air. Moisturizing the air in your home will have beneficial effects not only on your skin – it will make the air in your home healthier to breathe, it will reduce the risk of developing respiratory illnesses and it will also improve your sleep.