How Are Medicare Advantage Plans Able to Provide More Benefits Than Original Medicare?

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Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, is a great alternative for enrollees in Part A, Part B and some types of Part D plans that allow participants to configure the health insurance plan that best suits their specific requirements and that provide access to high-quality assistance and treatment through the private providers in the network. Here are some of the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans that make the switch from the federally administered Original Medicare worthwhile.

Level of Coverage and Types of Services

Medicare Advantage plans must offer at least the same level of coverage as Original Medicare, but Advantage plans usually go beyond the range of services available through Original Medicare, typically adding important services, such as dental care, vision care, hearing aids, memberships at fitness centers in the network and coverage for prescription drugs.

Your Medicare Advantage Plan Might Cost You Less

The costs related to Medicare Advantage plans are determined by many aspects and they can run quite high, but in some cases, they might cost less than Original plans or they can even be reduced to zero. Medicare Advantage plans also come with limits for the maximum out-of-pocket expense that the beneficiary is allowed to pay, which means that once the beneficiary has spent the entire sum allowed, they will not pay more during the year in course (Original Medicare does not have such limitations, which means that the cost burden to be supported by the beneficiary can be limitless).

A One-Stop Solution

Medicare Advantage plans can be configured to include all the services that the beneficiary needs, including the basic level of care as well as the added benefits. This means that the beneficiary can enjoy the special convenience of having to deal with only one plan administrator.

Local Provider Networks and Requirements Regarding Service Areas

Medicare Advantage plans usually work with local networks of healthcare providers, being an excellent choice for anyone who is happy working with the best local Denver specialists. However, the feature might make people who travel a lot reconsider, as turning to healthcare providers outside the network of the specific policy or abroad might not be covered under Medicare. You should also know that one of the eligibility conditions that Medicare Advantage candidates must fulfill is at least 6 months of continuous residence in the service area – a condition that is easy to meet for some people, impossible for others.

Professional Help Available

Medicare Advantage plans are incredibly varied, which means that you can surely find the best configuration for your particular situation and also that putting together that configuration is not easy. If you feel overwhelmed by the variety of the available plan types, do not despair – there are many independent Medicare Consultants Denver has, such as insurance agents and brokers, who specialize in Medicare Advantage plans. These professionals can provide recommendations as well as practical assistance in choosing the components that should be included into the client’s plan to provide the best, most comprehensive type of coverage that suits the client’s health condition as well as their financial means.