Where and How Can You Buy CBD Products Safely?

The temptation is high. In many of the states where recreational and medical CBD is allowed by the law, the industry itself might be booming, but it’s not yet regulated. Even though there are a lot of online sellers boasting that their products are the best and safest out there, you’ll find that this isn’t entirely true. In fact, experts have tested some of these so-called CBD products and found the trace amounts of CBD are less than specified in certain brands, while others are even unsafe to use due to the present of harmful substances.

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The Importance of Buying from the Right Brands

Now, don’t be scared. There are lots of great sources out there, like the best dispensary near me,  where you can buy high quality, high concentration CBD oil and other products that are entirely safe. However, for that you’ll have to do some research and have a little patience before you find the best distributors. Failing to do so can cost you dearly.

The most important reasons for finding the right brands include the following:

  1. You have to be sure that it’s a safe source. Some sellers are just out to get a quick buck, and they won’t care if their buyers get hurt in the process. So they may be willing to sell unsafe CBD products just to lower the cost of preparing them.
  2. While other sellers and manufacturers have a stronger moral code, they might sell products that are virtually useless in terms of the concentration of CBD they contain. This is especially problematic if you need CBD oil for treating a certain ailment that might require a specific dosage.
  3. It can be risky to use a formula that hasn’t been tested. Even with the best intentions coming from the manufacturer and distributor, their customers can still be at risk from new CBD formulas that haven’t been tested in a lab and might entail unknown side effects.

Look for Trustworthy Companies That Provide a COA

The good news is that regulated lab tests exist that can help determine a certain product’s CBD content as well as the presence of other ingredients and their dosages. The sellers who test their CBD products will receive a COA (Certificate of Analysis), which can basically tell you that the product was tested by an independent third party, and that it has passed the test. The result is that you can buy it with peace of mind that you’re getting the quality that you wanted.

A COA is accompanied by a pdf file that provides you with the result of the analysis and the full disclosure of the contents of your newly purchased CBD product. Using the unique batch number that is provided with the COA (since each product is tested in batches), and comparing the results of the tests performed on that particular batch with the claims of the seller, you can determine whether the dosage and refinement of the product is actually the one that’s advertised. You will then know whether or not the brand is safe and that you can purchase it without any real issue.