When Do Kids Need Braces and What Are the Most Important Concerns to Remember?

When do kids need braces and what are you supposed to do about their problem? For a lot of parents, these questions don’t arise until their children reach the age of 12-13. However, in some cases, dentists might recommend braces sooner or even later.

Depending on your child’s development, the details revolving around their use of braces will differ. To find out the ultimate answer to the question of when and whether your kids will need braces, it’s usually best to get in touch with a dependable orthodontics Littleton specialist and learn all about orthodontics, tooth development in children and the potential benefits and hazards that various types of braces might present.

Understanding Why Braces Might Be Necessary

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Your children might need braces for one of a number of different reasons. Their teeth might need realigning, or they may have a “bad bite.” As a parent, before considering the question of “when do kids need braces” you will have to address this concern first, figuring out all the important details regarding braces and why they are required in the first place.

There could be a difference in sizes between the top and bottom jaws. This is called “malocclusion” and it involves cases of overbite (when the top jaw is larger) and underbite (when the bottom jaw is larger than the top). Both these instances may warrant the use of braces, although depending on your child’s specific case, you will have to talk to a dependable pediatric dentist or orthodontist specialist in order to find out the specifics of what will be required.

Tooth and jaw problems can also be caused by losing baby teeth too soon. In such cases, aligners or braces will be required while the teeth and jawline is still in their formative stages. Accidents, sucking on thumbs and various other habits can also lead to such problems, so it’s important to take your child to the dentist from a young age, in order to gain insight on the potential concerns and how to deal with them before your child will even require braces in the first place.

At the first orthodontist visit, your orthodontist will examine the child’s teeth to find signs of overbite, overlapping teeth, misalignment or any other problems that could be resolved by wearing braces. Upon completing his investigation, the orthodontist will make a recommendation regarding the use of braces or regarding the need for other forms of orthodontic services and procedures that could work better.

When Will Your Child Actually Need Braces?

So, now that we covered the basics, let’s take a look at exactly when your child will require braces. The typical age of when a child will need braces is not one that can be determined on a whim. Your dentist will have to perform a thorough examination and determine the risks and benefits of a treatment using either traditional braces or aligners like Invisalign.

Most kids will definitely benefit from orthodontic visits as early as age 5-6. However, they will likely not have to start wearing braces until ages 10-13. Moreover, if you find a dependable expert, who can guide your kids throughout their early stages of dental development, the question of “when do kids need braces” will no longer apply to them, since their teeth will have developed naturally and correctly in the first place.