Let’s Have A Talk About Cavities And Their Treatment

There are hundreds of thousands of people of all ages that end up losing their teeth or having to pay a lot for lengthy treatments. Most of them end up in this situation because of poor dental hygiene. They either do not know much about it, or they simply do not care because they do not show obvious symptoms. Those are the people that will eventually have to go through the process of finding one of the good Highlands Ranch dentists to take care of what is left of their teeth.

Someone once said that “sugar and sweets will rot your teeth”. That saying is not very far from the truth. In fact, if we look at it from a chemical point of view, that is highly accurate. We have taken the time to talk to some of the best dentists in order to better understand what cavities are, why they appear and how we can treat and prevent them.

  1. What are cavities?

To narrow things down more, cavities are the result of tooth decay, a condition that affects both enamel and dentin. You will recognize a cavity by its color that goes from yellow to black. A tooth that has been affected by cavities is exposed to bacteria, which does give the unaesthetic look, pain and other symptoms. If not treated in time, cavities can lead to more serious health conditions.

  1. Why do they appear?

Like we said earlier, the tooth decay affects the enamel and dentin that protects the tooth. This is usually caused by acids that can be found in food and drinks. Looking at a report on last year, most patients that came in with cavities, have admitted to consuming soft drinks, soda and sweets. The acids within these products will deteriorate the tooth leaving enough room for bacteria to settle in.

  1. Treatment and prevention

The treatment for cavities is operative. That means that the dentist needs to remove the decayed area of the tooth using specific tools. Depending on how bad the cavity is, treatment can go from clearing the tooth and adding a filling, to tooth removal. That is why you need to prevent these types of situations. In order to do so, you will need to brush your teeth. We know you have heard that before from many dentists, but it is actually the truth. The toothbrush combined with the toothpaste will clean your teeth from leftovers and acids coming from food. By brushing your teeth at least two times a day, you prevent cavities by 90%.

Do not think that you can go a few days without brushing  – otherwise, you will need to be finding a good dentist very fast to take care of the problem. Brushing your teeth will not only protect you against tooth decay, but it will also keep your teeth free from stains that change that pearly white into a depressing yellow. Talk to your dentist today and find out more about cavities and a better oral hygiene.